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How has become the #1 gay dating site anywhere online? Simple. We made a great site that attracted great members and continued to work hard to keep our members happy so they would stay on the site. And what keeps our members happy? Well, when we first started, we were all about connecting gay men from across the world in a time when being gay was much less easy than it is today - not that it doesn't still have it's difficulties. We made it easy to send messages, chatting one-on-one or in chat rooms with men from every corner of the Earth, and to see real gay man, either through profile photos and videos, webcam shows, and video chats. Our reputation quickly grew, and with it, our number of members. In no time at all we found ourselves with thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even MILLIONS of members and our members were able to connect with gay men right in their own city that they never knew existed! We listened to our members, and adapted to help members find other local members so they could meet in person for casual encounters and more.

Since then, we've always been the #1 site for gay dating online. And no matter how much work we put into the site, or how many site features we add, or how quickly we can find you a perfect match; we'd be nothing without each and every one of our amazing members. is a community and we're always looking to welcome more to the family with open arms. Whether you know who you are and what you want, or you're feeling confused and looking to explore, has members just like you, waiting to meet you and connect.

Gay Dating On The Go – Is Mobile! has only gotten better with age! We were on the cutting edge of the technological age, finding that we could use the internet as a way to connect gay men with other gay men, everywhere. As technology has grown and shifted, we've always looked at how we could use the advances to our advantage and make even better for our members. With the introduction of smart phones, people were suddenly able to bring everything with them and apps exploded on to the scene. Sure, there was competition at first - gay dating apps trying to coax members off of other sites to join them instead - but gay dating apps that were standalone (as in, not affiliated with a gay dating site) were a passing fad. However, for an already successful site such as, it meant that our members would have an even more convenient way to interact with their account and other members on the site.

Not only did we make the full site compatible with mobile smartphones, but we also created a handy app, which functioned much like the popular interfaces of the passing fad gay dating apps. Through either, you can access the full member database, as well as edit your profile, search or browse members, see member photos and videos, receive and send messages, use our instant messenger or video messenger, participate in message boards or chat rooms, and more. The most used and beloved of all our mobile dating platform features is, obviously, the ability to search for members based on closest proximity. All you need to do is turn on the GPS location on your phone and the app does the rest! You'll be able to see which online members are closest to your location, browse their profiles, and connect with any one who catches your eye. It's by far the fastest way to hook up with local gay men.

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The average gay man has enough hurdles in life, without having to worry about the scrutiny that can come from those that don't understand the joys of casual sex and one night stands. But we know something that those people don't, and that's that local sex with gay men is easier, faster, and heaps more fun than regular old dating and intercourse. And it makes you feel good too! They've done studies--don't just take our word for it! Casual sex has been linked to higher self-esteem, which makes sense to us! How could it not, when you're always finding gorgeous men who find you attractive and want to get it on with your hot bod? You know that beginning part of a relationship? The chase, the capture, the flirting, the excitement, the fire? That's what it's like on, except it never ends! You always feel wanted and attractive.

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To some, gay sex might already seem like the craziest thing in the world (although we know it's just as natural as straight sex), but you know there's a whole, big sexual world to explore out there. You might already know what you want, and it might be a wide variety of sexual activities, or it might be one very specific fetish. Or maybe all you know is that you're a gay man with an open mind and some naughty ideas. Either way, has local men for you. Gay men with interests in all corners of the sexual world have found their way to and are continually successful in finding other men who share their desires or are willing to experiment. All they had to do was sign up. Just check out our testimonials, or join up now for free and see for yourself!

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